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#1 Seven tips for a great family game night

October 21, 2013

Playing board games with family can be great fun and can bring you closer together. It also costs less than a family trip to the cinema or dining out. But, choose a game with hostile tactics, and it could go very wrong and alienate everyone. Here are a few tips how to avoid that and create a great experience for the whole family:

  1. 1. Make time. It is best to plan a game night ahead of time and let everyone in the family know so that they can make time for it in their schedules. Or better still, make it a weekly routine on the same day of the week. Make sure you are not competing for attention with favorite TV shows, sporting events, gym classes or other leisure activities your family members already do.
  2. 2. Do your research in advance. Ask each family member about their preferences and find a few titles that everyone is likely to enjoy. Ask friends for recommendations, get advice from your friendly local game store, or check the selection of a board game rental company. For the first session, it's a good idea to have at least two or three games with different themes lined up.
  3. 3. Make good game choices. You can play one or several games at your game night – that's all up to you. But if you need a safe choice to start with, pick a light, non-confrontational game that plays in under half an hour. That way, everyone can pick up the game quickly and have fun together, regardless of who wins. You might even have time for a re-match! Avoid games that are likely to encourage conflict, such as those where you have to pretend kill, steal from, lie to, or bankrupt each other. With their destructive vibe, they can spoil everyone's mood pretty quickly. Also unsuitable choices for a first game night are games with complicated rules that take very long to pick up and play.
  4. 4. Expand your horizons. Games are about exploration, so don't be afraid to try out new ones once in a while. That way, you will gradually build your family collection. There are plenty of ways to find new games that will suit your family. You can go back to your initial research sources, or if you feel ready to take charge, look for reviews online. Don't forget to check what other titles have been released by the publisher of your favorite games.
  5. 5. Create your own family traditions. Do you always play on a Sunday afternoon, or on Thursdays after dinner? Does your game night ritual always kick off with cookies and everyone's favorite hot drinks? Do you like to keep a family scoreboard on the fridge? Do you have games that you only play at family reunions? Every family has its own little rituals. Create your own, together.
  6. 6. Turn off the outside world. Switch off the TV and turn phones on silent. It's poor game night etiquette to accept a call in the middle of a game and keep everyone waiting.
  7. 7. Take care with food. Food is a great addition to any game night. If you want to snack while playing, pick foods that are not messy to eat. Better still, take snack breaks between games. Snack breaks can also give you an excellent reason for a timeout, in case a game heats up too much.

Using these seven tips, your family can reconnect with each other and create memories that you will fondly remember for years to come.

Laughing friends and family playing the Good Fortune game

#2 The Good Fortune launch party: It's official! We've made a women's game!

November 4, 2013

In case it's not obvious from these photos, women like Good Fortune. A lot! We did have a few token men at the launch party last Saturday and they enjoyed themselves too, but the big laughs surely came from the ladies!

Here are some memorable quotes from players on the night:

"I like it [the game] - you can feel how it pulls you in!"

"It's light and quite positive. Light enough to be fun for people who haven't played games before, but also strategic enough to keep a gamer like me interested.”

"I keep feeling that the last card in a player's story is what they want most in real life."

"The game should be called "Master of Your Destiny."

“I really enjoyed the storytelling part - for me it's the best part of the game! It challenges you to think so you can weave in all your fortunes and some of the stories on our table were very funny, with all kinds of twists and turns.”

"I like how it's relaxing to play the first part where you declare your fortune cards, but then everyone gears up for the storytelling. It reminds me of Dixit because of the storytelling, and the tile board is a bit like Carcassonne or Catan. Although, on second thought, it's not like anything I've played before!..."

And our absolute favorite:

“I have big hopes for that game! You know how when you play board games, there always comes a moment when you start thinking "This game will ruin my friendships!". Well, the best thing about [Good Fortune] is that it doesn't have even a hint of that. It's competitive, but that's not central to game play. Someone took my opportunity? Big deal - there are so many other options to choose from."

Thank you! We couldn't have said it better ourselves! The biggest thank you, of course, goes to social gaming Club "Carcassonne" for hosting our launch! We will definitely be planning some more events there!