CGP Best Tabletop Games

We make light tabletop games especially designed for a great social experience. Light tabletop games are excellent for family game nights, casual players, newcomers to board games, and those who have less time but want to have just as much fun.

Many people told us that they wanted to spend quality time playing games together, but found that the games labelled for family and friends were often unsuitable for that. We asked them what their ideal game would look like and, soon, light tabletop games were born.

So here are the four ingredients of a great light tabletop game, straight from the kitchen at CGP:

  • Simplicity. Our games have straightforward, intuitive rules, so you can start playing within minutes of opening the box. We work hard to distill the essentials, so you don't have to!
  • Character. Our games are humorous, lighthearted and with a polished contemporary look. With each box, they do good. (To find out how, check our individual games.)
  • Flexibility. We believe in equal access to fun, so all of our designs allow varying combinations of strategy and luck. That means, while your little ones may be thrilled about, say, rolling the dice, you can enjoy devising a longer-term plan. And, more importantly, either of you might win!
  • Feel-good factor. Our games are designed to make, not break friendships and family ties. Our designs never eliminate players mid-game and have cooperative elements, so that you can play as a team or help each other out during gameplay. Every player has a chance to win until the very last turn and even those who don't will feel good about playing again and again.

Check out our individual games and our blog to find out more.